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Artist’s Statement

Attachment/Detachment and Blind

Dena Elisabeth Eber


These two cakes are part of an ongoing series that chronicles the development and celebration of the single mother and only child relationship between my daughter Margaret and I. Attachment/Detachment and Blind are edible digital works in cake that embody a phase of this relationship expressed through the unapologetically sappy metaphor of the mother and daughter baking together to create a union.  It is this sentimental frame that holds some of the realities of the relationship.  In the images, Margaret is confrontational and the mother is looking elsewhere as they work together to form the reality of a mixture of precise ingredients.  Margaret is growing in ways that are multidimensional, many of which I do not see, or at least choose not to see.  We are attached, much like Siamese twins, yet we strive to break the intensity of the bond through the crumbs and cracks that form the cake.  The result is a sweetness, seemingly too sweet, encrusted through laser burning in the challenge of building a mother and daughter bond.


Technical Statement


The work started with many different digital images that the artist merged together to ultimately read as one slice in time.  The artist created the final object by burning the surface of a yellow cake with a laser etcher.  The darker tones were created with higher heat settings, while the laser emitted little or nothing for the light or white areas.  The baking, icing, and decorating were created in the traditional way.

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