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Conversations with Dad
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Artist's Statement

Dena Elisabeth Eber

Conversation Series



The Conversations series is part of a larger body of work, Etz Chaim, which is Hebrew for The Tree Of Life. The series is an exploration of family lineage through visual conversations.  Conversations with Dad  is a visual dialogue that I had and continue to have with my father since his death in 2001. 

·        The Last Sabbath is a visual embodiment of the last dialogues that I had with my father on the last Sabbath before he died in 2001.

·        Conversations  1-4 is from Conversations with Dad, Rosh Hashanah 2002, which is about the connection I still have with my father despite his death in 2001.  In particular, this subgroup of work is about the presence of my father on the Jewish New Year, which is one of our holiest days.


I created all images, video, and sound with texture, light, objects, and imagery that I found in my everyday life.  In order to capture initial forms, I used many different kinds of still cameras, both film based and digital, as well as video cameras and the early pixelvision camera.  When a moment was right, meaning it was laden with an intense spiritual force, I sampled the light, texture, and imagery, and sound, which I later composed to create the final works.

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