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Artist's Statement

Dena Elisabeth Eber

The Fence



The Fence images were created for The Fence festival on Kibbutz Gesher Haziv in Israel, where one can see the hills of Lebanon only 2 miles away. The festival was dedicated to art and music surrounding the notion of a fence, such as the fence between neighbors, the fence along borders between nations, and the fence as defense and offense. A fence is something that separates, confines, defines, prevents limits, liberates, and goes by many other definitions. Artists transformed the kibbutz perimeter security fence, which was originally constructed to protect kibbutz inhabitants from terrorists in neighboring Lebanon, into an art gallery.

These images reference the basic cell level that all humans, no matter race, religion, nationality, culture, gender, sexual orientation or political bend, have in common. With red fences and caution tape, people are still beautiful, but they become dull and stagnant. As fences come down, the cells mix and move closer to their potential as the variety of color enters their lives and perhaps their gene pool.  

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