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Artist’s Statement

Women of the Wall

Dena Elisabeth Eber


These images are from the Women of the Wall (WOW) meeting at the Kotel summer 2010. The organization is dedicated to securing the right for women to pray out loud and from the Torah at the Kotel in Jerusalem, our holiest site. Women can and have been arrested for doing this, but the organization continues to fight for that right as they gather to pray at the Kotel every Rosh Chodesh (head of the month), followed by a Torah reading at the one legal part of the wall for them to do so.


Depicted are women praying out loud and wearing tallit (though the police made them tuck in their tzitzit) during Shacharit services at the Western Wall. No throwing of chairs from the men's side this month, just a bit of loud and less than nice voices. The Torah reading continued at the other side by Robinson's arch, a "separate but (not) equal" place to read the Torah.

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